Personal Training

Many of my clients are people who never thought it would be possible to exercise.  Others led active lives before children and careers began to dominate every waking hour.  Some of my clients have been prescribed exercise by a health care professional in order to manage a medical condition.  Above all, I help clients get stronger without getting injured.

I supplement my time with clients with exam development work as a Subject Matter Expert for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

How will I help you?

High quality personal training is both an art, and a science. For the past 27 years, my work with clients has drawn from evidence-based training strategies and techniques that are effective, and safe.  I begin with the end in mind: first we collaborate to identify your goals, and then determine the road to get there.  As an Ontario Registered Social Worker experienced at listening to others, I am a skilled counsellor with proven results when it comes to motivation and lifestyle change.

The artistry of personal training involves how to modify workouts yet still obtain results; how to ensure you get stronger without getting injured; and understanding the mystery of what motivates each individual so that long term success can be achieved.  Everyone’s needs change over time.  Staying attuned to this translates into long-standing client relationships that in some cases exceed 24 years.

Personal training sessions, while ideally done in person, can also take place virtually via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.